Vienna's oldest church is believed to date from 740. The lower levels of the tower date from the 12th century, the roof from the 15th century and the iron Renaissance door on the west side from the 1530s. In summer, its stone walls are clad in ivy. The interior is sleek and worth a quick viewing, with a Romanesque nave from the 12th century. Note that there are no public visiting hours on Sunday due to religious services.

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1. Stadttempel

0.04 MILES

Vienna’s main synagogue, seating 500 people, was completed in 1826, after Toleranzpatent reforms by Joseph II in the 1780s granted rights to Vienna’s Jews…

2. Morzinplatz

0.07 MILES

Situated on the Danube Canal between Salztorbrücke and Marienbrücke, Morzinplatz is dominated by the Monument to the Victims of Fascism.

3. Monument to the Victims of Fascism

0.07 MILES

On the site of the former Gestapo headquarters during the Nazi era at Morzinplatz, this 1985 monument features the Star of David and the pink triangle,…

4. Ankeruhr


A Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) masterpiece created by Franz von Matsch in 1911, this mechanical clock was named after the Anker Insurance Co, which…

5. Römer Museum

0.12 MILES

This small expanse of Roman ruins dating from the 1st to the 5th century CE is thought to be part of the officers’ quarters of the Roman legion camp at…

6. Neidhart-Fresken

0.14 MILES

An unassuming house on Tuchlauben hides a remarkable decoration: the oldest extant secular frescos in Vienna. The small frescos, dating from 1407, tell…

8. Fleischmarkt

0.17 MILES

Greek merchants settled around Fleischmarkt from about 1700, which gradually became known as the Griechenviertel (Greek quarter). Today it has some…