Haus des Meeres

Museum in Karlsplatz & Around Naschmarkt

The ‘House of the Sea’ offers an interesting glimpse into the world of giant fish, reptiles and creepy-crawlies. Aim to visit during feeding time: sharks are fed at 10.30am Monday, 3pm Wednesday and 3.30pm Fridays, while a staff member hops into the shark tank at 6pm Thursday. Piranhas go into a frenzy at 3pm Tuesday, as do reptiles at 7pm Thursday and 10am Sunday. A 192-step exterior staircase leads to the 9th-floor viewing platform.

Its resident freshwater crocodile is fed on 9.30am Saturday. There’s a glass tropical house filled with lithe monkeys and a small rainforest with free-flying birds. It occupies the inside of a Flakturm (Nazi-built anti-aircraft gun blockhouse tower), giving you a chance to see the interior of one of these monoliths.