Heinrich Harrer Museum

One of Carinthia's most fascinating attractions is the Heinrich Harrer Museum, a former school now packed with items shipped back from Harrer's expeditions to various corners of the world. For anyone inspired to take to the road by the book and Brad Pitt film Seven Years in Tibet it's an unmissable place, with an entire section devoted to Harrer himself.

That biographical section kicks off the visit and focuses on Harrer's early life in Hüttenberg/Knappenberg, his sporting achievements, his awards and medals and celebrity status (look out for the photo of him with Bing Crosby). Further rooms examine individual expeditions he made, the most interesting being on the middle floor and the very top of the building, which are dedicated to Tibet and the Himalayas. There's a mock-up of a Buddhist temple plus all kinds of religious items, jewellery, costumes, masks, dolls, carpets and a few images of the Dalai Lama. Also don't miss the cellar where you can peruse Harrer's bibliography of 26 books and watch a film about the creation of the Lingkor, which rises on a cliffside opposite the museum. Allow at least 1½ hours to do the collection justice.