Sheltered, swimmable, only 1.5km from the city centre and on the free CAT bus route.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Fremantle attractions

1. To the Fishermen

1.31 MILES

Poignant bronze by sculptor Greg James of fishermen landing their catch.

3. Esplanade Reserve

1.34 MILES

A large park shaded by Norfolk Island pines between the city and Fishing Boat Harbour. Attractions include a soaring Ferris wheel and a skateboard park…

4. Bon Scott Statue

1.36 MILES

The most popular of Fremantle's public sculptures is Greg James's statue of Bon Scott (1946–80), strutting on a Marshall amplifier in Fishing Boat Harbour…

5. Fremantle Markets


Originally opened in 1897, these colourful markets were reopened in 1975 and today draw slow-moving crowds combing over souvenirs. A few younger designers…

6. Bathers Beach

1.41 MILES

In late 2016 Bathers became the first beach in WA to be granted an alcohol licence – you can drink cocktails on the sand if you're in a deckchair in front…

7. WA Shipwrecks Museum

1.44 MILES

Located within an 1852 commissariat store, the Shipwrecks Museum is considered the finest display of maritime archaeology in the southern hemisphere. The…

8. Fremantle Prison

1.49 MILES

With its forbidding 5m-high walls, the old convict-era prison dominates Fremantle. Various daytime tours explore the jail's maximum-security past, give…