Originally opened in 1897, these colourful markets were reopened in 1975 and today draw slow-moving crowds combing over souvenirs. A few younger designers and artists have introduced a more vibrant edge. The fresh-produce section is a good place to stock up on supplies and there's an excellent food court featuring lots of global street eats.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Fremantle attractions

1. John Curtin Statue

0.13 MILES

Statue of former member for Fremantle and WWII Labor prime minister of Australia, John Curtin.

2. Town Hall

0.13 MILES

Opened on Queen Victoria's jubilee in 1887.

3. Pietro Porcelli Statue

0.17 MILES

Renowned Italian sculptor Pietro Porcelli (1872–1943) is responsible for many works around WA. This piece by fellow sculptor Greg James depicts him making…

6. Esplanade Reserve

0.27 MILES

A large park shaded by Norfolk Island pines between the city and Fishing Boat Harbour. Attractions include a soaring Ferris wheel and a skateboard park…

7. PS Arts Space

0.28 MILES

Independent WA artists display often-challenging work in this repurposed heritage warehouse. Occasional events, including pop-up opera, fashion shows and…

8. Fremantle Prison

0.29 MILES

With its forbidding 5m-high walls, the old convict-era prison dominates Fremantle. Various daytime tours explore the jail's maximum-security past, give…