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As Victoria’s second-largest city, Geelong is a proud town with an interesting history and pockets of charm. While Melburnians love to deride their little cousin as a boring backwater, in reality few of the knockers have veered off its main thoroughfare enough to know what makes the town tick. Geelong’s new bypass means travellers can skip the city and head straight to the Great Ocean Road; however, there are lots of reasons to stop here.

With the recent closure of major industry, Geelong is in the process of reinventing itself as a tourist town. It's centred on the sparkling Corio Bay waterfront and the city centre, where heritage buildings from the boom days of the gold rush-era and the thriving wool industry have been converted into swanky restaurants and bars. It’s also a footy-mad town, passionate about its AFL team, the Cats.

The Wathaurung people are Geelong's original inhabitants and traditional custodians.

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