Sacred Heart Cathedral


You can’t miss the soaring steeple of this magnificent cathedral. Though construction began in the 19th century, it was only completed in 2001, with the installation of bells from Italy in the belfry. Inside are a high vaulted ceiling, a magnificently carved bishop’s chair, some beautiful stained-glass windows and wooden angels jutting out of the ceiling arches.

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1. La Trobe Art Institute

0.23 MILES

Featuring a mix of works by emerging and established contemporary artists, this pint-size gallery always has something of interest. It's directly across…

2. Bendigo Art Gallery

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One of Victoria’s finest regional galleries (founded in 1887), Bendigo Art Gallery has a permanent collection that includes outstanding colonial and…

3. Dudley House

0.27 MILES

One of Bendigo's oldest buildings is the National Trust–listed Dudley House, dating to the 1850s. It's currently used as a gallery for local artists.

4. Pennyweight Walk

0.28 MILES

Running between Hargreaves St and Bath Lane, this tiny city thoroughfare is dedicated to local street artists and their murals, stencils and paste-ups.

5. Alexandra Fountain

0.28 MILES

A prominent city-centre landmark, this elegant fountain dates to 1881. It stands gracefully in the middle of the intersection of View St and Pall Mall.

6. Rosalind Park


In the city centre, this lovely green space is reminiscent of a London park, with lawns, grand old trees, a fernery, 19th-century statues and the fabulous…

7. Poppet Head Lookout

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At the rear of Bendigo Art Gallery within Rosalind Park, this poppet head was once used in one of Bendigo's most lucrative mines. Today it serves as a…

8. Bendigo Talking Tram

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For an interesting city tour, hop aboard a restored ‘talking’ tram. The hop-on, hop-off trip runs from the Central Deborah Gold Mine to the Tramways Depot…