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Don’t miss visiting the peninsula’s legendary 300m-high sea cliffs – the tallest in the southern hemisphere – which will dose you up on natural awe. Most of the cliffs are protected by Tasman National Park, a coastal enclave embracing chunky offshore islands and underwater kelp forests. Within the national park, the fabulous Three Capes Track is enticing hikers from across the planet to experience this amazing landscape.

Waiting portentously at the end of Arthur Hwy is Port Arthur, the infamous and allegedly escape-proof penal colony dating from the early 19th century. Today kids kick footballs and families cook sausages on the BBQs here, but it’s impossible to totally blank out the tragedy of this place, both historically and more recently.

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Port Arthur Ghost Tour

When the gates to Port Arthur Historic Site close to the general public, enter a haunted world on your lamp-lit, after-hours tour of one of Tasmania's most famous World Heritage Sites.With its ruins and remote location, spooky Port Arthur is tailor-made for ghost tours. The ghoulish stories you’ll hear date from 1870 to much more recent times -- more than 2,000 paranormal experiences have been encountered in almost 25 years of ghost tours held at Port Arthur. Chances are, you might be next to come face-to-face with a ghost at this poignant and tragic site!With only the light of lanterns to guide you -- and the shadows of eerie ruins looming at every step -- it’s easy to feel the presence of souls long gone. Hear tales of disembodied voices, ghostly footsteps and apparitions as you visit approximately half the historic site, taking in the 19th-century penal settlement buildings and grounds.At the end of the tour, safely returned to the bright lights of the visitor center, you’ll receive a Certificate of Bravery and Courage as a reminder of your spine-chilling tour of one of Australia’s most haunted sites.

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Port Arthur Historic Site 2-Day Pass

With more than 30 buildings spread over 100 acres (40 hectares), there’s lots to explore at Australia’s most intact convict site, and this 2-day pass gives you the flexibility to discover as much of the Port Arthur grounds as you can during this time! You can do and see the following activities and attractions in whatever order you'd like, but it's recommended that you start with the 40-minute introductory tour to get your bearings and learn the stories behind the Port Arthur penal colony and the convicts incarcerated there. Then board the MV Marana for a 25-minute cruise on Port Arthur’s harbour. Listen to onboard commentary while you enjoy views of the Isle of the Dead Cemetery, Point Puer Boys' Prison, the Dockyards and Tasman National Park. To help you explore the colony in a fun and informative way, you’ll be issued a 'stack of stories playing card' at the ticketing counter. The card will bring out your inner detective as you follow the life story of a character from Port Arthur discover they came to be at the penal settlement. Learn about the convict's individual journey to Port Arthur, as well as what life was like in 19th-century Britain and Australia. See the dockyards, where the convicts helped build some of the finest ships in the colony around 1830s. They were so productive at the time, that the free shipwrights in Hobart petitioned to have them closed down. Listening to a 'soundscape,' you’ll hear the voices and sounds of the working dockyard come to life, allowing you to feel like you’ve stepped back into the 19th century. To explore the site’s natural surrounds, follow the Convict Water Supply Trail to hear the story of the penal colony’s flour-production enterprises. Then, at the Museum and Convict Study Centre, trace your family history to see if any of your ancestors are on the convict database! Take a stroll through the museum in the old Asylum building to learn more about life in the penal colony, then complete your Port Arthur tour by visiting the Commandant's House and Junior Medical Officers House to see how officers lived.

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Port Arthur Small-Group Shore Excursion: Tasman Peninsula

From the Port Arthur Visitor Centre, take a short drive to Maingon Point, where you can climb up and down 200 steps to see the natural wonder of the Remarkable Cave and view its layers of dolerite and sandstone, which form most of Tasmania's geology. Than, continue along the circular route toward Saltwater River and visit the ruins of the oldest coal mine in Tasmania. You could spend hours walking among the ruins of this very interesting historic site. From here, the excursion takes the route through Doo Town, with its quaint and humorous house names, where you can view the Tasman Blowhole, the Devil's Kitchen, and the Tasman Arch. On the return to Port Arthur, a stop at the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo (own expense) to safely view these animals in a natural habitat. If you are lucky, you could be there at feeding time.

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15-Minute Sea Cliffs and Convicts Helicopter Flight from Port Arthur

Arriving at the Port Arthur Heli Base overlooking the lavender farm and out to the ocean, you will be greeted by ground staff who will run through a short safety briefing and overview of the flight path. You will board the helicopter and be introduced to your pilot who will get you up in the air in no time. The loop will first take you to the North of the lavender farm with views opening up all around as the helicopter climbs. To the North will be views of EagleHawk Neck while to the South will be the Port Arthur township and further, Cape Pillar and Raoul. The crystal clear waters of Fortescue Bay will be the first major major sight which marks the end point of the Three Capes Track and home to a popular campsite and swimming beach for the 'cold-water immune' Tasmanian. Following the coast around you arrive at Cape Hauy - one of the 'Three Capes'. If lucky we will see fearless rock climbers tackling the 'Candlestick' or kayaks passing through the narrow gaps between pillars. Heading back towards the East, cross the Tasman National Park and arrive out the other side with a spectacular view of the Port Arthur Historic Site, Point Puer and the Tasman golf course. A loop from a distance will ensure everyone gets a good shot.

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30-Minute Two Capes and Tasman Helicopter Flight from Port Arthur

Arriving at the Port Arthur Heli Base overlooking the lavender farm and out to the ocean, you will be greeted by ground staff who will run through a short safety briefing and overview of the flight path. You will board the helicopter and be introduced to your pilot who will get you up in the air in no time. The first treat is a pass of the Port Arthur Historic site, Point Puer and the Tasman golf course with a loop from a distance to ensure everyone on board has a good view. Continue South following the sea cliffs of Cape Pillar, the nose of the helicopter pointing towards Tasman Island. Crossing over end of the cape you may catch walkers on the Three Capes Track waving as we pass above. Tasman Island comes into view as the pilot make some passes from a distance to get that perfect shot of the mighty sea cliffs and lighthouse atop. Heading West from this point continue over the top of one of the Tasman Peninsulas hidden gems, Crescent Bay. Home to beautiful sand, crystal clear water and sand dunes, be sure to ask the pilot how to get in there after your flight! Pass by Remarkable Cave as the flight turns South West towards Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff. Keep your eyes peeled for brave surfers trying to catch the famous 'double wave' that forms off the bluff. The return towards Port Arthur will take you over farmland and right near McHenrys Distillery. On good clear days you will be able to see Mt Wellington and Bruny Island off in the distance to the West.

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Shore Excursion - Port Arthur - Tasman Peninsula

The Historical site and the cultural history isn't the only amazing thing about Port Arthur. While at Port Arthur don't miss the chance to explore outside of the sandstone walls. The landscapes, rock formations are spectacular you're sure to have your breath taken away by some of the tallest sea cliffs in the Southern hemisphere. A good half day trip isn't a great trip without fine food and produce which Tasmania is known for, so a chance to have some local fish and chips for lunch is on offer at the blow hole which sets the perfect back drop.  We also call into the Lavender farm and Federation chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth. Highlights of the tour include:Lavender Farm - Look around the grounds, buy something to eat and drink, browse their gift shop.Remarkable Caves - Views of some of the tallest sea cliffs in the Southern HemisphereDevils Kitchen and the Tasman Arch. Blow hole - Where you will have a chance to buy some lunch and sample some of Tasmania's finest freshest fish at the famous food stall.Federation chocolate - If you have a sweet tooth, then a nibble on some free samples will top off your lunch! An opportunity to purchase some souvenirs or simply stock up on a wide range of chocolate ready for your mid night feast.