Wineglass Bay Lookout

The East Coast

This fabulous lookout looks out (as they do) over the famous bay from 'the Saddle' – the dip between Mt Amos and Mt Mayson, aka the Hazards. It's a steep hour's climb to get here.

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1. Honeymoon Bay

1.25 MILES

Tiny Honeymoon Bay – a short walk from Freycinet Lodge – comes into its own at sunset when the lichen-covered rocks light up a deep umber.

2. Lemana Lookout

1.76 MILES

Lookout on the Hazards Beach Track, along the western side of Freycinet National Park.

3. Sleepy Bay

1.84 MILES

A beautiful granite-framed cove 10 minutes walk from the Cape Tourville Rd. Great snorkelling and diving.

4. Richardsons Beach

1.95 MILES

An accessible, safe-swimming beach within Freycinet National Park, with much-sough-after camp sites.

5. Muirs Beach

2.35 MILES

Easily accessible beach at Coles Bay township. West-facing equals great sunsets!

6. Cape Tourville

3.33 MILES

There’s an easy 20-minute, wheelchair-accessible circuit here for beautiful panoramas of Freycinet Peninsula’s eastern coastline. Along the way you can…

7. Cape Tourville Lighthouse

3.36 MILES

If you're feeling romantic, Cape Tourville Lighthouse, built in 1971, is a magical spot to watch the sunrise.

8. Freycinet National Park

3.58 MILES

Framed by some of the state's finest beaches and rising into spectacular low mountains, Freycinet incorporates the southern end of Freycinet Peninsula,…