Friendly Beaches

Top choice in The East Coast

Take a break from all those curvy little bays further down the peninsula and wander the sands of this windswept ocean beach, signposted from the main road 18km north of Coles Bay. There’s a lookout point right beside the main car park, while a walk to the beaches' southern end and back could take up to five hours.

A national park campground is strung through the bush behind the beach.

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1. Moulting Lagoon

5.73 MILES

The road into Coles Bay skirts around the estuary of the Swan River and Moulting Lagoon, an important breeding ground for waterbirds. Residents include…

2. Devil’s Corner

7.02 MILES

Wine comes with a wide-screen view at this cutting-edge cellar door (eyesore or delight? You decide) overlooking Moulting Lagoon and the Hazards mountains…

3. Freycinet Vineyard

7.58 MILES

The Bull family has been growing grapes beneath the east-coast sun since 1979 – this was the first vineyard on the coast. The vibe at the cellar door is…

4. Blowhole

7.87 MILES

One of those rare blowholes that still plies its trade, even on fairly benign days, with geysers of white water surging up through a crack in the coastal…

5. Bicheno Motorcycle Museum

7.94 MILES

Andrew Quin got his first Honda at age four, and has been hooked on motorbikes ever since. You don’t have to know your Benellis from your Bultacos to…

6. Bluestone Bay & Whitewater Wall

8.17 MILES

Within Freycinet National Park there’s challenging climbing, views and a basic camp site at Whitewater Wall. You may need a 4WD to reach it, but many 2WDs…

7. Whalers Hill

8.25 MILES

Scramble up to this lofty lookout, looking north along the coast, and scan the horizon for whales: 'Thar she blows!'

8. The Gulch


In between the craggy rockscape of little Governor Island and the Bicheno shoreline is this deep ocean ravine, where the town's fishing fleet shelters…