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One of those rare blowholes that still plies its trade, even on fairly benign days, with geysers of white water surging up through a crack in the coastal rocks with a thunderous boom when waves roll in. Don’t get too close: you can be unexpectedly drenched.

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1. Bicheno Motorcycle Museum

0.31 MILES

Andrew Quin got his first Honda at age four, and has been hooked on motorbikes ever since. You don’t have to know your Benellis from your Bultacos to…

2. Whalers Hill


Scramble up to this lofty lookout, looking north along the coast, and scan the horizon for whales: 'Thar she blows!'

3. The Gulch

0.44 MILES

In between the craggy rockscape of little Governor Island and the Bicheno shoreline is this deep ocean ravine, where the town's fishing fleet shelters…

4. Waubedebar's Grave

0.61 MILES

The final resting place of Waubedebar, the local Aboriginal woman who fished a couple of hapless sailors from the surf in the early 1800s. Waubs Beach, in…

5. Waubs Beach

0.64 MILES

A fairly safe ocean beach for swimming on calm days.

6. Governor Island Marine Reserve

0.68 MILES

This marine reserve just offshore from Bicheno is a top diving spot, with kelp gardens and a deep drop-off that's home to myriad sponges and fish. Contact…

7. Redbill Beach

1.45 MILES

How white do you like your sand, and how clear your water? Redefine your definition of both at Bicheno’s long surf beach.

8. Diamond Island

1.75 MILES

Off the northern end of Redbill Beach is this photogenic granite outcrop, connected to the mainland via a short, semi-submerged, sandy isthmus – at low…