Thought-provoking Foundation Park is set among the preserved ruins of 1870s houses, built against the cliff face. The oversized furniture by artist Peter Cole evokes the cramped conditions once experienced by working-class Rocks families. It's a great place to pause in the shade and enjoy the views over the roofs.

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1. Rocks Discovery Museum

0.05 MILES

Divided into four displays – Warrane (pre-1788), Colony (1788–1820), Port (1820–1900) and Transformations (1900 to the present) – this small, excellent…

2. Ken Done Gallery

0.07 MILES

The cheerful, quasi-childlike work of Sydney artist Ken Done is exhibited inside the lavishly restored Australian Steam Navigation Building. Expect…

3. Argyle Cut

0.08 MILES

Convict labourers excavated this canyon-like section of road clear through the sandstone ridge that gave the Rocks its name. The work began in 1843 with…

4. Cadman’s Cottage

0.08 MILES

Built in 1816 for Superintendent of Government Boats John Cadman (a former convict with a commuted death sentence for horse theft), this is the inner city…

5. Suez Canal

0.08 MILES

One of few remaining such lanes, the Suez Canal tapers downhill until less than a metre wide (hence the name, also a pun on the word 'sewers')…

6. Campbell’s Storehouses

0.11 MILES

In 1839, Scottish merchant Robert Campbell started building a private wharf and this gingerbread-style row of storehouses for his stash of tea, alcohol,…

7. Overseas Passenger Terminal

0.11 MILES

Multi-storey luxury cruise ships anchor at this large terminal, disgorging hordes of shaky-legged tourists onto the Quay. For a killer harbour view, head…

8. Susannah Place Museum

0.13 MILES

Dating from 1844, this diminutive terrace of four houses and a shop is a fascinating time capsule of life in the Rocks. A personable guide takes you…