One of few remaining such lanes, the Suez Canal tapers downhill until less than a metre wide (hence the name, also a pun on the word 'sewers'). Constructed in the 1840s, it was notorious as a lurking point for members of the Rocks Push, a street gang that relieved many a drunk of their wallet in the late 19th century.

Where it intersects Nurses Walk, there's a hoist once used for hauling goods to the upper floors of the surrounding buildings.

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1. Museum of Contemporary Art

0.05 MILES

The MCA is a showcase for Australian and international contemporary art, with a rotating permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Aboriginal art…

2. Rocks Discovery Museum

0.05 MILES

Divided into four displays – Warrane (pre-1788), Colony (1788–1820), Port (1820–1900) and Transformations (1900 to the present) – this small, excellent…

3. Cadman’s Cottage

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Built in 1816 for Superintendent of Government Boats John Cadman (a former convict with a commuted death sentence for horse theft), this is the inner city…

4. Susannah Place Museum

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5. Foundation Park

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6. Argyle Cut

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Convict labourers excavated this canyon-like section of road clear through the sandstone ridge that gave the Rocks its name. The work began in 1843 with…

7. The Big Dig


Before the outbreak of bubonic plague in the early 20th century and the subsequent slum clearances, this section of the Rocks was a warren of houses…

8. Ken Done Gallery

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