Innovative MOD. science museum on the University of South Australia campus races towards the future, with seven interactive, surprising gallery spaces over two levels. Exhibitions explore the intersections of art, science and creativity – even if you're more of a left-brain kind of thinker, it's hard not to be at least a little bit inspired. Cafe on site.

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Nearby Adelaide attractions

1. JamFactory

0.08 MILES

Quality contemporary local arts and crafts and brilliant bejewelments, plus workshops and a hellishly hot glass-blowing studio turning out gorgeous glass …

2. Bradman Collection

0.42 MILES

At the Adelaide Oval is the Bradman Collection where devotees of 'the Don', cricket's greatest batsman, can pore over the minutiae of his legend. Check…

3. Adelaide Oval

0.46 MILES

Hailed as the world’s prettiest cricket ground, the Adelaide Oval hosts interstate and international cricket matches in summer, plus national AFL and…

4. Adelaide Town Hall

0.51 MILES

Built in 1866 under the guidance of architect Edmund W Wright, Adelaide's impressive stone Town Hall presides over King William St, locked in an eternal…

5. Adelaide Gaol

0.53 MILES

Only decommissioned in 1988 after housing 300,000 inmates since 1841, this old Victorian lock-up has a grim vibe, but its displays of homemade bongs,…

6. Migration Museum

0.53 MILES

This engaging social-history museum tells the story of the many migrants who have made SA their home. The museum has info on 100-plus nationalities logged…

7. South Australian Museum

0.58 MILES

Dig into Australia’s natural history with the museum's special exhibits on whales and Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson. Over two levels, the amazing…

8. Mall's Balls

0.58 MILES

Check out the infamous and very shiny Mall’s Balls sculpture in Rundle Mall (real name Spheres, by sculptor Burt Flugelman).