Burrum Coast National Park

Fraser Island & the Fraser Coast

Shifting between a lowland vegetation of stringybark trees, dense mangroves and flat coastal dunes, Burrum Coast National Park is a popular spot for knowledgeable campers, birdwatchers, fishers, canoeists and hikers. It's divided into two sections: the Woodgate section begins at the southern end of the Esplanade in Woodgate, 42km east of Childers, and has attractive beaches and abundant fishing. The more isolated, thickly-wooded Kinkuna section is only for the serious explorer, but boasts a fine, secluded beach.

There are several places to overnight: the NRMA Woodgate Beach Holiday Park in Woodgate; the Queensland Parks–run camping ground at Burrum Point, accessible only by 4WD; and more isolated bush-camping areas in the Kinkuna section of the park. Camping permits should be acquired in advance, online. Don't forget to display your camping tags/permits as instructed.

Burrum Coast National Park is 55km south of Bundaberg, and you'll need your own vehicle to get there.

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