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Cape Tribulation

Cape Trib is at the end of the winding sealed road from the Daintree River and, with its two magnificent beaches, laid-back vibe and rainforest walks, it's a little slice of tropical paradise. The traditional custodians of the Cape Trib area are the Kuku Yalanji people.

Despite the backpacker bars and tour operators, Cape Trib retains a frontier quality, with road signs alerting drivers to cassowary crossings, and croc warnings making evening beach strolls a little less relaxing. That there's no reliable mobile-phone reception or network internet adds to the remoteness – although there's now (since 2018) pricey roaming internet in the village.

The rainforest skirts beautiful Myall and Cape Tribulation beaches, which are separated by a knobby cape. The village here marks the end of the sealed road: beyond, the strictly 4WD-only Bloomfield Track continues north to Wujal Wujal.

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