Established in 1951, this was the first school of its type in Australia, broadcasting lessons to children over an area of 1.3 million sq km. While transmissions were originally all done over high-frequency radio, satellite broadband internet and web-cams now mean students can study in a virtual classroom. The guided tour of the centre includes a video. The school is about 3km north of the town centre.

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1. Telegraph Station

1.21 MILES

The old Telegraph Station, which used to relay messages between Darwin and Adelaide, offers a fascinating glimpse of the town's European beginnings. It's…

2. Anzac Hill

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For a tremendous view, particularly at sunrise and sunset, take a hike (use Lions Walk from Wills Tce) or a drive up to the top of Anzac Hill, known as…

3. Strehlow Research Centre

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Upstairs in the Museum of Central Australia there's a display on the work of Professor TGH Strehlow, a linguist and anthropologist born at the…

4. Museum of Central Australia

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The natural history collection at this compact museum is beautifully displayed, with geological exhibits such as meteorite fragments and fossils, as well…

5. Araluen Arts Centre


For a small town, Alice Springs has a thriving arts scene and the Araluen Arts Centre is at its heart. There is a 500-seat theatre and four galleries with…

6. Araluen Cultural Precinct

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7. Central Australia Aviation Museum

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In the Connellan Airways Hangar, Alice's original aerodrome, displays on pioneer aviation in the Territory include Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)…

8. Residency


Built in 1927, the Residency has a gracious beauty. It's a symbol of the town's brief legislative independence from the rest of the NT. Apart from its…