The road beyond Silverton becomes isolated and the horizon is vast. Just 5km from town, this lookout, a glorified roadside dust-mound at the highest point as far as the eye can see, affords the kind of views that seem to go on forever: you might recognise them from the film Mad Max 2.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Broken Hill attractions

1. Silverton Gaol and Historical Museum

2.88 MILES

The 1889 Silverton Gaol once housed 14 cells. Today the museum is a real treasure chest: room after room is crammed full of a century of local life …

2. Silverton School Museum


The School Museum is a good history pit stop, tracing Silverton's local school from its earliest incarnation in a tent in 1884.

3. Mad Max 2 Museum

3.08 MILES

This is probably the last thing you expect to find out here, on the edge of nowhere: an eclectic collection of original Mad Max movie props and…

4. Day Dream Mine

9.84 MILES

The first mines were walk-in, pick-and-shovel horrors. For an eye-opening experience, tour this historic mine (dating from the 1880s) where you squeeze…

5. Living Desert State Park

14.76 MILES

One of the most memorable experiences of Broken Hill is viewing the sunset from the Living Desert Sculpture Symposium, on the highest hilltop 12km from…

6. Living Desert Sculpture Symposium


A striking range of work on a hilltop northwest of town was created in 1993 by 12 international sculptors. They were responding to the limitless landscape…

7. Pro Hart Gallery

15.89 MILES

Kevin 'Pro' Hart (1928–2006) was a former miner and is widely considered one of outback Australia's premier painters. His iconic work is spread over three…