Living Desert Sculpture Symposium

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A striking range of work on a hilltop northwest of town was created in 1993 by 12 international sculptors. They were responding to the limitless landscape, using some 52 tonnes of Wilcannia sandstone, borrowing the local miners' old tungsten carbide chisels to dent the tough rock, and camping in tents near their work.

The Sculpture Symposium created works with names like Under the Jaguar Sun and Moon Goddess. The colours of the stone change constantly with the light. Bring water in summer, and consider visiting at sunset to add another dimension to the romance of this wonderful place.

The sculptures are signposted off to the right along Nine Mile Rd, inside the Living Desert State Park. Drive up to the top car park, where there's also wheelchair access to the sculptures. Or it's a 20-minute uphill walk to the sculpture site from the lower car park.

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