Celebrating romance at the Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik

If you’re a sucker for romance and planning a visit to Dubrovnik any time soon, you absolutely must check out the city’s latest attraction; a Love Stories Museum. “We opened our doors just two weeks ago,” co-founder Jasmin Hadzic tells Lonely Planet, “and what we're most happy about is the fact that people are leaving the museum with a big smile on their face. That's the best compliment they can give us.”

The Museum is an ode to romantic stories. Photo by: Museum of Love

But what can visitors expect to find in this unusual museum? “It actually has several different exhibitions going on,” Jasmin explains. “As the museum is located in Dubrovnik, the first exhibition is dedicated to local romantic folk legends, stories, myths and less-known facts and people. Visitors will get a unique look at the city, its history and all the romances that have happened there. Since Dubrovnik is now world-famous because of Game of Thrones, we also have a unique take on the romantic side of the series and offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the series was filmed. An interesting fact for you - last winter, while we were working hard on getting the museum off the ground, HBO's crew was outside of the front door filming the last season. What other museum can say that?”

You’ll see items relating to personal life moments and memories. Photo by: Museum of Love

“There’s also a music room that showcases famous romantic couples from the music biz”, Jasmin continues, “and offers background stories on some of the most popular romantic songs of all times; in Love Stories Museum, exhibits of Richard Wagner and Beyoncé are placed next to each other, and it makes total sense!

“After the music section, we arrive at the core of the museum; an international exhibition made up of donated and collected personal love stories and items of great sentimental value. We collected stories and items from real people from all around the world, like the guy who met his future wife in a karate class (and he sent us his karate belt), or the girl who met her future husband when he accidentally broke her smartphone (she sent us the phone). We're very honoured and humbled by the fact that people let us display some of their most emotional and personal life moments and memories.”

Visitors leave with smiles on their faces. Photo by: Love Stories Museum

There’s an interactive element too, as Jasmin explains. “While we were working on the concept of the museum, one of our main priorities was to let visitors partake in the act of creating as much as possible. That's why we invite each and every one of our visitors to donate their personal love story, and who knows, if it's unique and interesting, it may end up as an exhibit in the Love Stories Museum!