Your favorite cites, countries, monuments and natural wonders go head-to-head in Lonely Planet's first travel "bucket" list bracket. We know international travel may be on the distant horizon for many of us, but we can still dream. 

Here's how it works: we've broken up the most popular lifetime bucket list destinations (selected by Lonely Planet digital editors) into four categories. Each category (cities, countries, monuments and natural wonders) has eight ranked entries that have been pitted against one another. Your weekly votes will determine which spots advance to the next round (there are five rounds), plus what bucket list items will represent the entire category and what country, monument, city or natural wonder will be named champion.

Now it gets good! Our category winners have been crowned and now it's time for a little city vs. country and natural wonders vs. monuments action. 

How we got here: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3

Round 4 voting ends April 5.

Round 4 bracket.png
Lonely Planet Bucket List Bracket Challenge Round 4 © Zach Keller / Lonely Planet


Well, they did it! Those plucky, eighth-seeded Canadians answered all challenges and won the country category. Canada beat No. 6 New Zealand, soundly. Was this whole tournament on ice and we didn't know it?

And the best city in the world is ... Tokyo!! Always a bridesmaid and never a bride huh New York! No. 4 Tokyo jumped ahead early and never looked back in a huge victory over the Big Apple.    

And now folks, Canada will square off against Tokyo, the largest metropolitan area in the world, in a little something we call the "let's get nuts!" portion of the bracket.



If you didn't know its name before, well you know it now. Cambodia's Angkor Wat is the monuments' winner after thoroughly beating the popular Great Wall of China. The beautiful Angkor Wat was constructed in the 12th century and has been an alluring attraction ever since. 

Will you look at that! After nearly getting upset in the opening round in the Natural Wonders category, Australia's Great Barrier Reef stunned the world (OK, maybe not the world) by beating the seemingly invincible No. 1 Northern Lights. As you know, the Notorious GBR is under ecological threat, here's what you can do to help

So which will it be? Angkor Wat? or the Great Barrier Reef?

You tell us. 


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