If nothing else, this pause from traveling has given many globe trekkers a chance to focus on what’s really important when visiting other countries – finding another ugly refrigerator magnet to add to your collection. Well, the time has come to gather all those random knick-knacks you’ve collected on your travels and take part in this at-home scavenger hunt. 

The rules are simple, amass everything you can from the list, snap a photo and post it to your Instagram account with #LPscavengerhunt. 

Happy hunting! 


Oldest souvenir in your home 
Theme-park soda cup 
Smallest map in your house
Lucky travel item 
Piece of jewelry from another country 
First passport 
Plug adapter 
Favorite travel-inspired mug 
A pair of hiking boots 
Travel-related shot glass 
Neck pillow 
Shades/ Sunnies
Beach towel from a famous beach 
Goofiest souvenir t-shirt
Tackiest refrigerator magnet 
Travel guidebook
Foreign currency
Old hotel key
Ticket stub or boarding pass 
Museum pass 
Travel-themed snowglobe 

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