Ever tried packing for a winter trip only to be left with the choice of whether to wear your bulky boots on the plane or eliminate outfits to make room for them in your bag? Yeah, us too. On some snowy vacations you just won't be comfortable without a good pair of winter boots. We've rounded up the best of the best boots for traveling during the winter. Each one is worthy of making room for in your luggage.

Danner Boots

Recommended by: Esther & Jacob of LocalAdventurer.com – Travel blog, Local Adventurer focuses on exploring locally in our greater backyard.

The gist: Comfort and style for a multitude of wintery walks.

Ever since discovering Danner Boots, they have been our go-to's to keep our feet warm and dry. Not only are they super comfortable (we've tested them on multi-day hikes and walking all over NYC), but we love that they come in a variety of colors so they don't look as outdoorsy as other hiking shoes. They also have different models if you mostly explore cities or even higher boots if you'll be walking in deep snow. We have a few different pairs each.

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UGG Kesey Boot

Recommended by: Brianna with Curious Travel Bug – Toronto based travel blogger exploring the world and trying to get off the beaten path.

The gist: Stylish enough for staying warm and dry while exploring the cities.

The UGG Kesey boot is the perfect winter boot for exploring urban destinations. Being an ankle boot, it's perfect for packing in luggage if you are transitioning between hot and cold locations. I've worn these boots in lots of wintery conditions and love how they are waterproof and can get me through slush and snow. They are also stylish and lightweight enough that they look just as good indoors for visits to museums or restaurants as they do outdoors. They are my go-to boot for wandering city streets in the winter as they are extremely comfortable. 

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Sorel Glacier XT Winter Boots for Men

Recommended by: Casey Palmer –  husband, father and storyteller sharing his experience raising kids in Toronto, Ontario. He knows that life is the sum of your experiences, and he tries to savor every one – who knows if you'll ever have them again?

The gist: The best protection for the most extreme conditions

I SWEAR by my Sorel Glacier XTs for whenever we trek into the winter wilds, as they go up past my knee, seal tight and have a warm inner layer to keep my feet warm in temperatures as low as -73.3℃! Whether it's winter hiking, blizzard shoveling, or chasing kids around in the COLDEST game of freeze tag imaginable, these boots have served me well so far!

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Sorel Caribou Winter Boots for Women

Recommended by: Mayuri Kashyap – the founder of Canada Travel and Expat Blog, Canada Crossroads. She writes about travel resources, planning tips, & itineraries for visiting Canada as well as shares her personal experiences & stories from moving to living in this wonderful country since 2009.

The gist: Perfect for the most wintry of locations

Sorel Caribou are my go to winter boots. They are great when surfaces are filled with fresh snow, the outsole on them are very rigid and doesn't slip (this is so important when walking pedestrian lanes or crossing roads). It is mid length or ankle length boots and is warm to wear in severe winters, up to - 10 degree Celsius!


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Gobi Hi III Womens Boots by Vivobarefoot

Recommended by: Anna from Anna Meanders – A Kiwi travel blogger who's spent 6 years living as a digital nomad around the world. Anna sold her belongings in 2014, bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok and never looked back. 

The gist: Foldable and waterproof for easy packing to all sorts of destinations.

Boots had never made it to my packing list before – heavy, bulky, space consuming. As much as I wanted to have a great pair of winter boots, they just didn't meet my suitcase requirements. That was, until I got my first pair of Vivobarefoot Gobi III's... Oh my, they are just the best. So lightweight in a way I didn't think a winter boot could be, excellent quality, warm and cozy, durable, non-slip with advanced sole traction and best of all they quite literally roll up and fit into your bag. I'm now converted, and I take these winter boots with me on all my adventures. 

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GrandExpløre Genuine Shearling Trim Waterproof Hiker Boot, Cole Haan

Recommended by: Lindsay Silberman - Silberman is a New York City-based magazine editor and influencer who specializes in luxury travel, beauty, and fashion.

The gist: The chicest winter boot for your winter adventure

These Cole Haan boots were one of the most popular purchases among my readers last year. They’re insanely comfortable and wildly chic for a winter boot.

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Merrell Bavada

Recommended by: Katalin from Our Life Our Travel – a Lapland-based outdoor enthusiast, Katalin loves hiking and road tripping with her family.

The gist: Comfortable for venturing out in the snow

My go-to brand for winter boots is Merrell. I love the comfortable and warm Merrell Bavada for walks and hikes below freezing temperatures. As we spend almost every weekend hiking in Lapland, I needed reliable boots that keep my feet warm, even spending most of the day in nature. I have tried a couple of cheaper options, but they weren’t meant for being outdoors the whole day when the temperature dropped significantly.

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