Antarctica postmaster job attracts 1000 applicants

Who says getting away from the modern day rat race doesn’t appeal? A job in one of the world’s most remote locations – Antarctica – paying only €1000 per month has drawn 1000 applications from around the world.

Penguins in Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica. Image by Christopher Michel / CC BY 2.0

The position in Port Lockroy means the postmaster is cut off from human contact for long periods with only some 2000 penguins for company.

The Irish Independent reports that the lucky recipient of the job will have to endure pioneer conditions – no running waters and no facilities for a daily shower.

Oh yes, and the average temperature in that part of Antarctica is -10C while sleep may be hard to come by as there is virtual day round sunlight.

There is a total social media shutdown in the area because the post office facilities don’t stretch to either a phone or internet signal. All the successful candidate for the job will end up with is … a radio.

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust which is looking to fill the post has urged people to stop applying – as their website has crashed because of the volume of interest.

The attraction of a solitary life has attracted people from all over the world from Japan to Australia.

The Trust says it seems to have captured the imagination and they point out that Port Lockroy attracts 18,000 cruise ship tourists every year which would allow for some human contact.

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