This private apartment building, which resembles a medieval castle, is said to be haunted. The story goes that after the house was built in 1915, evil spirits moved in and made their presence felt by smashing glasses and shifting objects, forcing the owners to flee. When years later a young artist threw herself from the tower the evil spirits were once again blamed.

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1. Casa Amarilla


This house is a replica of the residence of William (Guillermo) Brown, the Irish-born admiral who fought in the wars of Independence and created Argentina…

2. Museo del Cine


This small museum is housed in the former accommodations block of the electricity plant that is now the Usina del Arte. It contains the original posters …

3. Museo de la Pasión Boquense

0.41 MILES

This high-tech fútbol museum at Boca Juniors' stadium chronicles the history of the boisterous neighborhood of La Boca and its famous soccer team with…

4. Museo Benito Quinquela Martín

0.49 MILES

Once the home and studio of painter Benito Quinquela Martín (1890–1977), this fine-arts museum exhibits his works and those of other Argentine artists…

5. Museo Histórico de Cera

0.53 MILES

Wax reconstructions of historical figureheads (literally) and dioramas of scenes in Argentine history are the specialty of this small and tacky private…

6. El Caminito

0.53 MILES

La Boca's most famous street and 'open-air' museum is a magnet for visitors, who come to see its brightly painted houses and snap photographs of the…

7. Fundación Proa

0.55 MILES

Only the most cutting-edge national and international artists are invited to show at this contemporary art center, with its high ceilings, white walls and…

8. Parque Lezama

0.63 MILES

Leafy Parque Lezama hosts elderly chess-playing gentlemen, families toting mate (traditional Argentine tea) gourds, and teenagers kissing on park benches.