The Albanian Riviera

As you zigzag down the mountain from the Llogaraja Pass National Park, the white crescent-shaped beaches and azure waters lure you from below. The first beach is long and clean Palasa. In the last few years a new access road has been built and a huge swathe of the hillside behind the beach carved out to make way for construction of hotels and resorts.

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1. Drymades

1.56 MILES

One of the more attractive beaches on the Albanian Riviera is Drymades. It's a long, shingle white beach backed by olive groves and the first stirrings of…

2. Llogara Pass National Park

1.99 MILES

Watch clouds descending onto the mountain, shepherds on the plains guiding their herds, and thick forests where deer, wild boar and wolves roam in this…

3. Dhërmi

3.31 MILES

Dhërmi beach is well and truly under the tourist trance in summer: expect booked-out accommodation, loud music and half of Tirana sprawled on the stones…

4. Gjipe Beach

5.46 MILES

Between Dhërmi and Vuno is the turn-off for this little-known gem, a gorgeous stretch of isolated white sand and rock backed by big cliffs – and as yet…

5. Vuno

6.24 MILES

Vuno is a tiny hillside village above picturesque Jal beach. Each summer Vuno's primary school is filled with blow-up beds and it becomes Shkolla Hostel…

6. Jal

7.14 MILES

Jal beach, a 5km drive down a decent side-road from the village of Vumoni, has been well and truly 'discovered' in the last few years and an ever…

7. Livadhi Beach

8.57 MILES

Himara's longest stretch of beach is Livadhi, just north of the town. It's certainly very attractive but development hasn't been kind, with a slew of…

8. Himara Castle

8.89 MILES

Himara is mainly known for its beaches, but its Old Town on the hills high above the seafront is an interesting place to stroll around. One highlight is…