The Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera was a revelation a decade or so ago, when backpackers discovered the last virgin stretch of the Mediterranean coast in Europe, flocking here in droves, setting up ad hoc campsites and exploring scores of little-known beaches. Since then, things have become significantly less pristine, with overdevelopment blighting many of the once-charming coastal villages. But worry not; while some beaches may be well-and-truly swarming in summer, with a little persistence there are still spots to kick back and enjoy the empty beaches the region was once so famous for.

The stretch of coastline dubbed the 'Albanian Riviera' stretches from the Roman theatre of Butrint in the south to the remote Karaburun Peninsula in the north. Along the way, the Riviera takes in easy-going beach towns, forested mountain passes, bird- and terrapin-filled marshes, noisy resort towns and brilliant snorkelling spots. Grab a beach towel and enjoy!

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