Central Albania

At the eastern end of town is a long sandy beach. In summer the water is just about warm enough to swim in, and at this time the beach is covered in parasols, sun loungers and holidaying Albanians. In winter the beach is normally covered in snow, and you probably wouldn't want to swim!

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Nearby Central Albania attractions

1. Sveti Naum Monastery

4.06 MILES

Sveti Naum, 29km south of Ohrid, is an imposing sight on a bluff near the Albanian border and a popular day trip from Ohrid. Naum was a contemporary of St…

2. Trpejca

7.35 MILES

Cupped between a sloping hill and a tranquil bay, Ohrid's last traditional fishing village features clustered houses with terracotta roofs and a white…

3. Museum on Water – Bay of Bones

9.44 MILES

In prehistoric times Lake Ohrid was home to a settlement of pile dwellers who lived literally on top of the water, on a platform supported by up to 10,000…

4. Church of Sveti Jovan at Kaneo

15.79 MILES

This stunning 13th-century church is set on a cliff over the lake, about a 15-minute walk west of Ohrid's port area, and is possibly North Macedonia's…

5. Ohrid Boardwalk & City Beach

15.85 MILES

Skimming the surface of the water along Ohrid's shore, snaking towards Kaneo fishing village and the town's most famous church, this over-water boardwalk…

6. Plaošnik

15.96 MILES

Saluting the lake from Ohrid's hilltop, Plaošnik is home to the multidomed medieval Church of Sveti Kliment i Pantelejmon, the foundations of a 5th…

7. Sveta Sofija Cathedral


Ohrid's grandest church, 11th-century Sveta Sofija is supported by columns and decorated with elaborate, if very faded, Byzantine frescoes, though they…

8. National Museum

16.05 MILES

Ohrid's National Museum is housed over three floors of this remarkably well-preserved Old Town house, which dates from 1863 and was once owned by the…