Municipal Beach

Top choice in Quy Nhon

The long sweep of Quy Nhon’s beachfront extends from the port in the northeast to distant wooded hills in the south. It’s a beautiful stretch of sand and has been given a major facelift in recent years. There's little rubbish in evidence and good swimming at the southern end.

Towards the northern section, the nicest part is near the Saigon Quy Nhon Hotel, where a grove of coconut trees lines the road. At dawn and in the evenings this area is packed with locals practising t’ai chi.

South along the shore, the waterfront opens up to a park-like promenade, punctuated by large hotels. Here the beach gets more beautiful and secluded, away from the bustle of town. At night the bright lights of offshore squid boats give the illusion of a floating village far out to sea.

In the distance you can see a giant statue of Tran Hung Dao, the hugely revered Tan dynasty general who defeated two Mongol invasions, warding off the Chinese on the far headland. Continuing south, a striking socialist-realist war memorial dominates a small square.

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