Phu Dung Pagoda

Buddhist Temple in Ha Tien

This pagoda was founded in the mid-18th century by Nguyen Thi Xuan. Her tomb and that of one of her female servants are on the hillside behind the pagoda. Inside the main hall of the pagoda, the most notable statue on the central dais is a bronze Thich Ca Buddha from China.

To get here, continue north past the Mac Cuu Tombs and take the first left onto Ð Phu Dung.

Behind the main hall is a small temple, Dien Ngoc Hoang, dedicated to the Taoist Jade Emperor. Head up the steep blue stairs to the shrine. The figures inside are of Ngoc Hoang (the Jade Emperor) flanked by Nam Tao, the Taoist God of the Southern Polar Star and the God of Happiness (on the right); and Bac Dao, the Taoist God of the Northern Polar Star and the God of Longevity (on the left). The statues are made of papier mâché moulded over bamboo frames.