Mui Nai Beach

Ha Tien

The best of the Gulf of Thailand beaches, Mui Nai is 8km west of Ha Tien. The water is incredibly warm and becalmed, so great for taking a dip, and the beach is much improved thanks to several tonnes of sand from Phu Quoc Island, all set beneath a canopy of lofty palms. There are beaches on both sides of the peninsula, lined with simple restaurants and guesthouses.

A xe om from Ha Tien will cost around 60,000d.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ha Tien attractions

1. Phu Dung Pagoda


This pagoda was founded in the mid-18th century by Nguyen Thi Xuan. Her tomb and that of one of her female servants are on the hillside behind the pagoda…

2. Mac Cuu Family Tombs

2.55 MILES

Not far from town are the Mac Cuu Family Tombs, known locally as Nui Lang, the Hill of the Tombs. Mac Cuu, a Khmer-appointed 18th-century Chinese governor…

3. Thach Dong Cave Pagoda

2.56 MILES

This Buddhist cave temple is 4km northeast of town. Scramble through the cave chambers to see the funerary tablets and altars to Ngoc Hoang, Quan The Am…

4. Tam Bao Pagoda


Founded by Mac Cuu in 1730, Tam Bao Pagoda is home to a community of Buddhist nuns. In front of the splendid, many-tiered pagoda is a statue of Quan The…

5. Dong Ho

3.22 MILES

The name translates as East Lake, though Dong Ho is actually an inlet of the sea. It's said to be most beautiful on nights when there is a full or almost…

6. Ngoc Tien Monastery

3.72 MILES

From Ha Tien’s riverfront, this Buddhist monastery is a striking sight – sprawling up the hill on the other side of the river. The buildings themselves…

7. Koh Tonsay

8.63 MILES

If you like the rustic beachcomber lifestyle, Koh Tonsay's 250m-long main beach is for you. This is a place to while away hours or days doing little but…

8. Pirate Island

9.37 MILES

This small speck of an island, covered in lush vegetation and with clear blue waters, has a sordid 500-year history as a pirate haven that only came to an…