Oysterville Church

Picture-perfect old church dating from 1892. Pick up a walking-tour brochure here during the summer months.

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1. Red Cottage

0.08 MILES

Near Clay St, this building (built 1863) is the oldest one still standing in Oysterville's historic district. It served as the first Pacific County…

2. Big Red House

0.19 MILES

This beautiful red house (built 1871) was the original home of Oysterville cofounder RH Espy. It's now a private residence.

4. Marsh's Free Museum

13.64 MILES

Half souvenir shop and half sideshow, the 'museum' features Weekly World News stars like Jake the Alligator Boy (a wonder of taxidermy that appears to be…

5. World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame

13.9 MILES

If you think a museum devoted to the history and artistry of kites might be a bore, think again. Kites have been used for scientific research, aerial…

6. Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum

16.44 MILES

Investigating ancient Chinook culture, along with the journeys and trade of successive Spanish, Russian, British and American explorers, is this fine…

7. Willapa Seaport Museum

17.01 MILES

This humble little museum holds a surprisingly compelling, well-arranged collection of memorabilia from the area's maritime history. Small vignettes…

8. North Head Lighthouse

17.22 MILES

The more scenic of Cape Disappointment's two lighthouses, this 1898 beauty is found at the end of a short trail with views out to sea.