Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Washington Coast

At 107ft it's the tallest lighthouse in the state, although its setting in a clump of trees makes it less scenic than a classic promontory lighthouse. (Originally 400ft from the high-tide line, it's now 3000ft inland.) Still, the view from the top is impressive. The original Fresnel lens has been retired (on-site), and the current light runs on a 35-watt bulb. To get here, head west on Ocean Ave from Hwy 105 through town.

You can also bike or hike to the lighthouse along the Westport Maritime History Trail, a 6.5-mile pedestrian pathway that passes the marina and follows a dune trail into Westhaven State Park. Tours of the lighthouse are available through the maritime museum. Just beyond the lighthouse, Westport Light State Park has wind-screened picnic sites and access to a stretch of beach that's closed to motor vehicles in summer.

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