Washington, DC

Straddling technology, art and science, this 15,000-sq-ft, three-level state-of-the-art digital gallery mesmerizes with large-scale, interactive, multi-sensory installations of light and sound. Exhibits change several times a year, with past themes including fall leaves, cherry blossoms and abstract landscapes. Kids love it and, with a bar that stays open after work hours, adults do too. It's one of the coolest, most creative museums in DC.

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1. Bureau of Engraving & Printing

0.22 MILES

Cha-ching! The nation's paper currency is designed and printed here. Guides lead 40-minute tours during which you peer down onto the work floor where…

2. International Spy Museum

0.22 MILES

One of DC’s most popular museums, the International Spy Museum delivers fun, interactive exhibits portraying the flashy, over-the-top world of…

3. Benjamin Banneker Park

0.23 MILES

The park honors Benjamin Banneker (1731–1806), a self-taught African American astronomer, mathematician and one of the original surveyors of the 10-sq…

5. Freer | Sackler

0.29 MILES

This is a lovely spot in which to while away a Washington afternoon. Japanese silk scrolls, smiling Buddhas, rare Islamic manuscripts and Chinese jades…

6. George Mason Memorial

0.32 MILES

This little oasis of flowers and fountains honors the famed statesman and author of the Commonwealth of Virginia Declaration of Rights (a forerunner to…

7. National Museum of African Art

0.34 MILES

Enter the museum’s ground-level pavilion through the Enid A Haupt Garden, then descend into the dim underground exhibit space. Devoted to ancient and…

8. Enid A Haupt Garden

0.35 MILES

The lovely green space behind the Smithsonian Castle is actually a rooftop garden, with three peaceful sections: a Moon Gate garden inspired by a 15th…