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$40.99 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Colonial Williamsburg Admission with Historical Reenactments

When you arrive, head to the Colonial Williamsburg Regional Visitor Center where friendly and informative staff orient you to the day's attractions and demonstrations. A variety of guided and self-guided tours are offered every day. Some programs require pre-registration, so be sure to look at the options as you plan your visit. Colonial Williamsburg’s historic area covers more than 300 acres, with 88 original 18th-century structures, plus hundreds of houses, shops and public buildings that have been rebuilt on their original foundations. Highlights include the Governor's Palace, the mansion where seven British governors lived during colonial times, followed by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson; the Capitol, colonial Virginia’s seat of power; the Magazine, where weapons and gunpowder were stored for the militia; and the Bruton Parish Church, an Anglican Church from 1669 that is still active today. In addition, you can catch a performance of the Fife and Drum Corps; see the collections at the The DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum and The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum; and learn how 18th-century crafts were made in trade shops including an apothecary, silversmith, blacksmith, tailor and wigmaker. Colonial Williamsburg also boasts a number of excellent dining options as well as small shops.Choose from two of the following admission tickets, which are valid from one day to unlimited visits depending on the option. Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area offers so much to do and see that many people return time after time!

$16 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Jamestown Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum Admission in New York

When you arrive at the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum in Jamestown, Lucille Ball’s hometown in New York State, you are free to tour the museum complex at your leisure. See re-creations of sets such as the Ricardo family's New York City apartment from I Love Lucy, and the Hollywood hotel suite where Lucy performed with Harpo Marx. As you listen to excerpts from Desi’s autobiography and explore displays about Lucille and Desi’s life and career together, learn about their influence on American comedy and its relevance today. Memorabilia buffs will love checking out props from the TV show like the cello and professor outfit from the pilot and ‘The Audition’ episodes, and the lion tamer costume worn by Pepito, the Spanish Clown from episode 52, ‘Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song.’ Plus, see Lucy’s Emmy awards, and make your own Vitameatavegamin commercial at an interactive display.

$18 Cultural & Theme Tours

Williamsburg Ghosts and Witches Combination Tour

The Combo Tour Ticket will complete your night. What better way to spend an evening than with ghosts and witches, in the dark town of Williamsburg. These two tours are offered together, at a very low price. Each tour is unique. You will not want to miss a minute of the gory details. The Witches of Williamsburg Tour takes you to the darker end of town, where you will walk down hauntingly quiet and eerie streets. Hear of the many witch trials in Virginia, beginning in 1626. Learn of the strange and frightening ways they tested for witchcraft. Who exactly ate those witches cakes made of urine and rye meal? On your way to the old jail, listen carefully for the creeks of the Wagon of Death, over on old Nicholson Street. Could the Wagon be coming for criminals housed in the jail? The gallows are just down the road a bit, where cheering crowds are awaiting the gruesome hanging. Follow your guide to the very haunted Booker Tenement, and the Jones family graveyard, where young Ida is often seen hovering over the graves. Stories of Blackbeard and his headless body, conspiracy at the Raleigh Tavern, ghosts, 18th century trivia, add to the dark secrets of this town.This tour is a top rated ghost tour in Williamsburg! Your guide is 18th century costumed, in-character tour guides; Ghosts, Skeletons, Apparitions, Orbs often seen and heard. No props or gimmicks, it is the real thing. This is not a history tour, it is based on fully researched, experienced ghostly encounters. Late night Witch Tours take you on the darkest streets of Williamsburg. Experience Blackbeard, conspiracy, 18th century trivia, a bit of ghost and the old jail and graveyard.

$12 Cultural & Theme Tours

Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Guided Night Tour by Candlelight

The Dead of Night Ghost Tour meets a ghostly guide who takes you, by candlelight, down the dark streets of Williamsburg. Immediately hear of the bodies, buried behind the homes and shops, throughout town. Strange stories of the secret vault, buried in the graveyard, and dead bodies still lying below the church floors, will creep you out! Speaking of the vault, move on to Mr. George Wythe’s house, where the old well still stands, today. Secrets of Thomas Jefferson’s visit down the well’s tunnel into the vault, proves the heavy conspiracy associated with this town. Mr. Wythe may just pop his ghostly face between the cracks of the shutters, opening and closing before your eyes.  Dr. McKenzie will be happy to offer amputations or surgeries, should the need arise. He will be waiting, in skeletal form, trying to coax you in for some treatment. Hear of the old graves, where screams are still heard coming from the Palace, much less upsetting than the ones coming from the Peyton Randolph House, however. Head over to Virginia’s most haunted house, or, as some argue, the most haunted house in America! You will not believe the sounds and sights that have been experienced, while standing right in front of that eerie, dark and foreboding, empty house—or is it?  Cameras do not always work in front of that house, however. Could it be ghosts? From that frightening location, head over to the pillory, where you may try it out, for yourself. Go ahead and put your head and hands in, but, be careful, as some have been locked in, before you. If you have the nerve, stay on for another fun hour. Follow your ghostly guide to the Witch Tour, right down the street, if you can escape the pillory, that is.

$66 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Williamsburg Walking Food Tour

This tour is great for both visitors and guests who want to explore the culinary side of Williamsburg. Your tour departs from St. Merchant's Square at 2pm and lasts approximately three hours.This tour includes visits to and samplings at seven of the eight following locations (subject to change): 1) Wythe Candy Shop: assortment of chocolates 2) Peanut Shop: variety of peanuts3) Kilwins: freshly made fudge4) Spice and Tea Exchange: surprise bag, tasting of sugars and spices5) Blue Talon Bistro: gourmet mac and cheese7) Justified bake shop: Sampling of goods based owners choosing 8) Paul's Deli: Made from scratch pizza, made from locally sourced ingredients9) College Deli: Hot Holly Sandwich10) Green Leafe Cafe: Flight tasting of local beers

$15.40 Cultural & Theme Tours

Hour-Long Ghost Tour of Williamsburg, Virginia

You will meet your professional guide in front of Kimball Theater, on Duke of Gloucester Street. The ghost tour walk through the historic colonial area of Williamsburg and throughout the tour you may witness hauntings that are commonly experienced on tours, and not simply "orbs" on cameras. Your guide will take you through the history of Willaimsburg, dating back to the Civil War. Along the way, you will learn about the history and events that have made Williamsburg such a haunted destination. The ghost tour is based on factual historic events aided by renowned psychics and investigators.  Interviews with former Colonial Williamsburg staff have been conducted for the purpose of enriching the stories you will hear on your ghost tour through the Colonial Williamsburg area and William and Mary's historic campus.

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