Must-see attractions in Charleston

  • Historic Aiken-Rhett House in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Aiken-Rhett House


    The only surviving urban town-house complex, this 1820 abode gives a fascinating glimpse into antebellum life on a 45-minute self-guided audio tour. The…

  • Two 15 inch 50,000-pound Rodman canons (on the sides), the largest guns used in the Civil War, are on display at the Fort Sumter site in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Guardians of Charleston Harbor


    The first shots of the Civil War rang out at Fort Sumter, on a pentagon-shaped island in the harbor. A Confederate stronghold, this fort was shelled to…

  • Old Slave Mart Museum


    Formerly called Ryan's Mart, this building once housed an open-air market that auctioned African American men, women and children in the mid-1800s, the…

  • Heyward-Washington House


    As the name hints, this 1772 Georgian-style town house is kind of a big deal because George Washington rented it for a week, and visitors can stand in…

  • Charleston, SC - February 2 2020: The Plantation home at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens; Shutterstock ID 1661611987; your: Bridget Brown; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI Image Update

    Magnolia Plantation


    This 500-acre plantation, which has been owned by the Drayton family since 1676, is a veritable theme park. Enjoy a tram tour, a petting zoo and a guided…

  • Drayton Hall in South Carolina.

    Drayton Hall


    This 1738 Palladian brick mansion is the country's oldest preserved plantation house open to the public. Yep, it's older than the nation. Drayton Hall was…

  • Sheep grazing at Middleton Place.

    Middleton Place


    Designed in 1741, this plantation's vast gardens are the oldest in the US. Countless slaves spent years terracing the land and digging the precise…

  • Calhoun Mansion


    If you've ever wondered what the wealthiest, fanciest, most well-traveled hoarder's house might look like, visit the Calhoun Mansion. With 35 rooms and 24…

  • Nathaniel Russell House


    A spectacular, self-supporting spiral staircase is the highlight at this 1808 Federal-style house, built by a Rhode Islander, known in Charleston as 'King…

  • Joggling Board


    In the yard of the Nathaniel Russell House sits a fine specimen of a super-Charlestonian porch furnishing – the joggling board. It consists of a 16ft…

  • rainbow row in Charleston

    Rainbow Row


    With its 13 candy-colored houses, this stretch of Georgian row houses on lower E Bay St is one of the most photographed areas in Charleston. The…

  • Randolph Hall, the main academic building on the College of Charleston campus. Charleston, SC. Built 1828-29 and one of the oldest college buildings still in use in the U.S. Classical, colonial antebellum style

    College of Charleston


    Spread over a few city blocks at the center of Charleston's downtown, this university was founded in 1770 and is the oldest in the state. The campus is…

  • Charleston, South Carolina, USA skyline over Marion Square.

    Marion Square


    Charleston's most frequented park is 10 acres of green space in the middle of downtown, bordering on King, Calhoun, Meeting and Tobacco Sts. It's the home…

  • Beautiful public park in Charleston, SC. January of 2018.

    Hampton Park


    A big, awesome park that locals love for its arboreal and floral displays, fitness trail and large swaths of open space, often utilized for things like…

  • Edmondston-Alston House


    Charles Edmondston built this Federal-style home in 1825 for a mere $25,000, and fell on hard times in 1837, forcing him to sell it to Charles Alston for …

  • South Carolina Aquarium


    A showcase of South Carolina's wildlife, with creatures hailing from the mountain forest, piedmont, salt marsh, coastal and undersea habitats. Although…

  • St Michael's Church


    St Michael's is the oldest church in town, dating back to 1752, and its beloved bells have been announcing the time and various events, including…

  • Charleston Museum


    Founded in 1773, this is the country's oldest museum. It's helpful and informative if you're looking for historical background before strolling through…

  • Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon


    Kids love the creepy dungeon, used as a prison for American patriots held by the British during the Revolutionary War. The cramped space sits beneath a…

  • Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum


    An outpost of the world's largest private collection of important original manuscripts and documents, housed in a former Methodist church built in 1856…

  • Joseph Manigault House


    This three-story Federal-style house from 1803 was once the showpiece of a French Huguenot rice planter. There's a tiny neoclassical gate temple in the…

  • Gibbes Museum of Art


    Houses a decent collection of American and Southern works. The contemporary collection includes works by local artists, with Lowcountry life as a…

  • George Gallery


    A neighborhood favorite, this contemporary-art gallery displays mostly abstract and nonobjective work of artists from the East Coast with some connection…

  • Battery & White Point Garden


    The Battery is the southern tip of the Charleston Peninsula, buffered by a seawall. Stroll past cannons and statues of military heroes in the gardens,…

  • The old Citadel building in Charleston, South Carolina

    Citadel Campus & Museum


    South Carolina's military-college campus is set in historic buildings and is replete with uniformed cadets and various memorials. There's a small museum…

  • St Philip's Church


    An Episcopal church erected in 1835, considered all-important by the first city residents. Lots of famous people were buried in the church cemetery and…

  • Waterfront Park


    A lovely, eight-acre park on the Cooper River, notable for its landscape architecture and eye-catching, pineapple-shaped fountain. During summer it's a…

  • Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim


    The oldest continuously used synagogue in the country, complete with a museum and gift shop. A tour costs $10 for adults and is free for children; check…