Rockport Harbor

Gulf Coast & South Texas

Crescent-shaped Rockport Harbor is one of the prettiest on the Gulf Coast. It's lined with all manner of boats (shrimp, fishing charter, tour and pleasure craft) and a series of rustic peel-and-eat shrimp joints and bait shops.

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1. Aquarium at Rockport Harbor

0.08 MILES

This tiny volunteer-run aquarium has crabs and other local sea critters, including most of the fish avidly sought by local fishers. In nice weather you'll…

2. Texas Maritime Museum

0.08 MILES

Everything from fishing boats to offshore oil rigs, to the story of the short-lived Texas Navy is covered at this large museum on the harbor. Displays…

3. Rockport Center for the Arts

0.18 MILES

Pop into this cheery center to see what's going on with Rockport's lively arts scene. As well as offering painting classes, it displays and sells locally…

4. Fulton Mansion State Historical Park

2.39 MILES

This imposing 1870s mansion comes as a surprise amid other more modern – and modest – shorefront buildings. It was built by George Fulton, who was clever…

5. Goose Island State Park

8.15 MILES

This small park focuses on marshy, 140-acre Goose Island, on the edge of Aransas Bay. It's a sweet 2-mile drive east of little Lamar, itself 12 miles…

6. Stella Maris Chapel

8.92 MILES

Over 150 years old, this small Catholic chapel was the first church built in Aransas county when completed in 1858. Originally constructed fronting…

7. Lighthouse Lakes Park

11.1 MILES

This otherwise unremarkable city park is the most accessible put-in and take-out point for the Lighthouse Lakes Paddling Trail.

8. San José Island

12.14 MILES

A privately owned island just across the ship channel from Port Aransas, known as St Jo to locals. This squat desert island, 2 miles at its widest but 21…