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Fort Worth

Famous as being 'Where the West Begins,' Fort Worth still has the cowboy feel. It first rose to prominence during the great open-range cattle drives of the late 19th century, when more than 10 million head of cattle tramped here along the Chisholm Trail. These days, the legendary Stockyards are the prime visitor destination, hosting twice-daily mini-cattle drives, rodeos every weekend, and Billy Bob's, the world's biggest honky-tonk.

Downtown Fort Worth, 3 miles south, is bursting with restaurants and bars – especially around Sundance Sq – while the Cultural District not far west boasts three amazing art museums.

Whatever you do, don't mistake Fort Worth for being some sort of sidekick to Dallas. This city's got a headstrong spirit of its own, and it's a lot more user-friendly than its near-neighbor (not to mention greener and cleaner). Bottom line? There's a lot to do here – without a whole lot of pretense.

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