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Mount Rushmore Black Hills 7-Hour Scenic Tour with Lunch

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Black Hills, South DakotaIts pine forests and granite peaks are an oasis born of silent centuries. The Black Hills is one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America, its once-towering peaks eroded to perhaps half their original height.Stop At: Crazy Horse Memorial, Crazy Horse, South DakotaYou will discover the Eighth Wonder of the World at Crazy Horse Memorial. It is the world’s largest mountain carving and is a memorial for all Native American tribes. Duration: 1 hour 35 minutesStop At: Custer State Park, Custer, South DakotaNext, travel into Custer State Park which is one of the World’s Top Ten Wildlife Destinations. It is known for its bison herds, begging burros and other wildlife. Take in the scenery and marvel at the beauty of Iron Mountain Road. Climbing 17 miles to the entrance of Mount Rushmore. You will wind over stacked loops of wooden bridges known as the pigtails and through one-lane tunnels that perfectly frame the “Shrine of Democracy” in the distance.Duration: 2 hours 30 minutesStop At: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South DakotaYour final destination will be Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Take in the scenery and exhibits depicting four of the most prominent presidents of the first 150 years of the United States – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutesStop At: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South DakotaCarver's Marketplace ~ Included Lunch – Food-court style café at Mt. Rushmore offers visitors multiple food stations with exhibition kitchens, designed to satisfy every guest. Carver’s Marketplace offers beef or bison burgers, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Wojapi Wrap, Chef Salad, Baked Tilapia, hearty Buffalo Stew and more. Specific diet needs? Always options for gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, food allergies. Duration: 45 minutes

$295 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Black Hills Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is a one-of-a-kind adventure for South Dakota locals and visitors. With over thirty years flying experience, your guide will take you on the only hot air balloon ride adventure offered in the Black Hills.Flying in the beautiful Black Hills is a unique experience. While balloon flights are generally focused over vineyards and farmland, you will fly over some spectacular, rugged terrain on this route, typically in the southern hills. From up high you'll see the Custer Valley and the world-renowned Custer State Park. On certain days if the winds are favorable, you'll be able to see Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. There are mountains, valleys, lakes and prairies to view as you drift along on the morning breeze, and travelers quite often see some unique wildlife that you really don't see in many other places from a balloon! The Black Hills are home to elk, antelope, buffalo and mule deer. If you're really lucky you might even see a mountain lion from the secure gondola! There’s nowhere else in the world where you can witness the same views from a hot air balloon and fly over such a historic and beautiful landscape.

$179 Cultural & Theme Tours

Mt Rushmore/Black Hills Safari Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Downtown Rapid City, Rapid City, South DakotaPickup at local hotels at 8:30am (10 min window). Returning about 6:00pm (depending on how many buffalo on road).Duration: 10 minutesStop At: National Presidential Wax Museum, Keystone, South DakotaYou have an option to either have us pick you up at your Rapid City hotel or meet us at this location. 9:30amDuration: 5 minutesStop At: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South DakotaWe guide you through the Memorial, explaining the history and suggest locations for best photo ops. Because of the length of the tour day we are limited to 1 hour here. If you are interested in a longer time to explore, I suggest our Monuments Combo Tour. That tour includes Crazy Horse and Mt Rushmore only . . . 2 hours at each.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Crazy Horse Memorial, Crazy Horse, South DakotaWe will stop and explore this huge Native American Memorial . . . over 14,000 exhibits. Crazy Horse offers an optional 25 minute guided tour to the back of the mountain for a unique and closer view of Crazy Horse ($4.00 per person . . . not included with tour). Duration: 1 hourStop At: Sylvan Lake, Custer, South DakotaWe travel to the most iconic location in the Hills . . . Sylvan Lake. Here we enjoy an alpine lakeside picnic lunch (included). Duration: 30 minutesStop At: The Needles, South DakotaWe drive along a narrow highway . . . to 'The Needles' . . . the top of the mountain . . . one way tunnels and breathtaking open-top views . . . many stops for photos . . . Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Mount Coolidge, South DakotaA brief stop for viewing and photos from atop a National Forest Lookout Station. Highest point in the south Hills . . . looking down at Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse and much more . . .Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Wildlife Loop Road, Custer, South DakotaAn open-top drive along the 18 mile road. Stopping for photo ops of buffalo and other wildlife (elk, deer, antelope, coyotes, prairie dogs, etc.). We stop, you stand and get great views and photos.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Custer State Park Visitor Center, Custer, South DakotaWe have a brief stop for tour of info center and drive by of State Game Lodge. Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Iron Mountain Road, Custer, South DakotaWe travel through the iconic one-way tunnels and pigtail bridges on our way back to Keystone . . . stopping for photo ops from inside the van.Duration: 45 minutesStop At: National Presidential Wax Museum, Keystone, South DakotaFor those who are meeting us in Keystone, we return you to your vehicle . . . then it's back to Rapid City and drops at the local hotels.Duration: 5 minutes

$299 Multi-day & Extended Tours

TWO DAY FALL TOUR SPECIAL - Buffalo Roundup and Northern Hills Change of Colors

DAY 1 - CUSTER STATE PARK  -  BUFFALO ROUNDUP  + Arts Festival September 28, 2018  One of the Top Events in the United States Custer, South Dakota's annual Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival. The Buffalo Roundup is part of Custer State Park's management plan to maintain a healthy balance between the number of bison and the available range land forage. The park can only sustain a certain number of bison, based on the condition of the grassland and how much food is available. The Buffalo Roundup also allows for some of the animals to be sorted out of the herd, they are then sold at an auction in November. After the Roundup (11:00 am) we travel to the State Game Lodge. There for the next three + hours, you can enjoy live entertainment as you stroll the heritage arts and crafts exhibits at the Arts Festival. And Western/Native American entertainment is provided under the big top.  We depart Custer Park at 2:30pm and return to Rapid City about 3:30pm. MEET US FOR PICKUP -6:00am Pickup at Rushmore Hotel (Downtown)6:15am Pickup at Ramkota Hotel (I-90)6:30am Pickup at Fairfield Inn (Watiki Water Park)DAY 2 - SPEARFISH CANYON and the Northern Hills   September 29, 2018 - 9:00am pickup at your hotel lobby - We provide bottled water, fees, snacks and picnic lunch.  (Beer/wine for 21+ guests - On Request)Spearfish Canyon is the Northern Hill's number one natural attraction. A great spot for wildlife enthusiasts, as the diverse array of plant life provides a comfortable home for deer, mountain goats, porcupines and bobcats. It winds through the canyon for nearly 20 miles from the city of Spearfish to Cheyenne Crossing. Built on top of an ancient rail bed, the highway affords visitors views of pristine natural wonders and historical treasures. Near the end of the canyon is the old sawmill town of Savoy. Spearfish Falls is slightly off the beaten path, but well worth the walk. Cascading approximately 60 feet, Bridal Veil Falls is the most accessible waterfall in the canyon. The Falls flows intensely in the spring and slows considerably in late summer and fall. it is located adjacent to a large parking lot to accommodate sightseers. An observation platform has been installed to optimal viewing and photos. Roughlock Falls, a breathtaking multi-tiered waterfall along Little Spearfish Canyon. Pioneers traveling down the canyon used to lower their wagons down the drop by rough-locking the wheels to prevent them from rolling freely - hence the name of the falls. 

$149 Cultural & Theme Tours

Winter Mt Rushmore Safari Tour

This is our most popular and cost effective tour of the Southern Hills. You will tour the most attractions that you can see in one day. We pick you up at your hotel at 9:00am and return between 4 and 5pm.  Included in the tour: fees, bottled water, snacks and lunch.The itinerary is as follows: • First, Iron Mountain Road with its Pigtail Bridges and famous One-Way Tunnels. • Then to Mount Rushmore . . . the morning light is excellent on the faces. We guide you through the facility, pointing out rest rooms and gift shops. You will hear the history of the monument as we walk through the Avenue of Flags.  You will have time to explore the Exhibit Hall and watch a movie explaining how the Monument was constructed. You will also have time to explore on your own, before meeting back up with the group and continuing the tour.  • At Crazy Horse, you will find over 2000 Native American exhibits and you can view an amazing 20 minute movie of how the project came to be. You'll also have time to view the exhibits and explore the gift shop. • After a short drive you arrive at Custer State Park, then begin a 20 mile trek along the Wildlife Loop; home to 800 buffalo plus elk, deer, antelope, prairie dogs, and much more.

$150 Cultural & Theme Tours

BUFFALO ROUND UP TOUR!! Once a year Special Event!

We will pick you up at your Rapid City hotel for an early morning start (roughly 6am - to ensure we have a great view within the park) in our Mercedes High-Top Sprinter Van. Our drive to Custer State Park will be just under an hour from Rapid City.  We will have coffee, juice and pastries available while we set up chairs and await the cowboys and bison!  The events of the roundup will finish by about 11am - 12pm.  From there we will make our way to the State Game Lodge to enjoy the food and crafts of the Annual Arts Festival for a few hours, before making our way back to Rapid City in the mid-afternoon (roughly 3pm).

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