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New England's best hikes can be enjoyed during the winter

13 min readPublished Nov 12, 2021

The best part about hiking in New England? The sheer diversity. Stroll along the rugged Maine coast or follow a stream to a gorge-carving waterfall - just go wild.

An IT Observer works just off the summit of Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
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From coastal drives to historic trails, these are Massachusetts' best road trips

3 min readPublished Nov 1, 2021

A Massachusetts road trip shows off four centuries of dramatic history, rich displays of creativity and thrilling opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Massachusetts Welcome sign on the state line, on the side of the interstate, framed by colorful fall foliage typical of New England in autumn
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See New England's highlights on this budget-friendly road trip

8 min readPublished Sep 13, 2021

Loaded with history, nature and entertainment for all, New England is road-tripping country. Here's how to save.

Scenic drive in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire
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Vermont’s 7 best hiking trails 

7 min readPublished Aug 17, 2021

Thanks to the stunning Kingdom Trails Network, the 300-mile Long and Catamount Trails, hiking in Vermont provides a four-season kind of bliss.

Hiking the Long Trail, Mt. Mansfield, Vermont

10 New England beaches you have to visit

7 min readPublished May 25, 2021

New England has almost 5000 miles of coastline peppered with fabulous beaches and pretty inland lakes.

Teenage boy and girl walking on the beach barefoot in Acadia National Park.