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Set at the foot of the marvelous Tenmile Range, Breck is a sweetly surviving mining town with a vibrant historic district. The down-to-earth vibe is a refreshing change from Colorado's glitzier resorts, and the family-friendly ski runs and gold-nugget history make it Summit County's most atmospheric destination. Regardless of whether it’s snow or shine, the BreckConnect Gondola up to the base of Peak 8 is where the... Read More

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$88.71 Water Sports

Numbers Half Day Whitewater Rafting

The Numbers rafting offers narrow channels, steep drops, and technical maneuverings as you travel through boulder-strewn canyons within the gorgeous Arkansas River Valley, makes this rafting trip one to remember!  With the snow-capped mountains of the Collegiate Peaks in the distance, the area's picturesque views are sure to blow you away.  You may also catch sight of some local wildlife like Big Horn sheep, deer, elk and tons of bird life. However the Numbers section of the Arkansas River is the most continuous whitewater section so paddling and paying attention to the river is important. This river section is highlighted by rapids number four and five. Number four is a continuous rapid with a significant must make move right in the middle of what is a long rapid. Number five presents different challenges. Up top of this dog leg right you'll need to punch a significant hole and then make the right dog leg move. But then immediately start making your way back left to fight the current that wants to push you into the rocks on the right bank. All in all this tricky rapid can make for an exciting day. The Numbers is a great section for those who want to paddle and help navigate a fast section of whitewater.

$94.54 Water Sports

Browns Canyon Express Whitewater Rafting

Browns Canyon river rafting offers the best of the Arkansas River and takes you through a proposed federal wilderness area‭, ‬including spectacular mountain scenery and thrilling whitewater‭, ‬all in one action-packed afternoon‭.‬ ‭ ‬Leaving from our office just north of Buena Vista‭, ‬a Browns Canyon rafting trip is safe for the younger members of your group‭,‬‭ ‬but still exciting for the older kids and adults‭.‬ ‭ ‬The Browns Canyon Express is your chance to enjoy Colorado rafting for all ages and ability levels‭!‬ Because it is longer than a half day trip, we offer one departure time per day for this trip (at noon). This trip is the same as most other companies' full day trip, but is run straight through as an afternoon 3/4 day trip.  You'll start out midday with a safety talk and a quick paddling lesson from your guide‭.‬ ‭ ‬As the stunning granite walls rise up to either side‭, ‬you'll head into the first set of rapids‭!‬ ‭ ‬Browns Canyon rafting trips are one of America's most popular whitewater adventures‭,‬ and you're about to find out why‭.‬ Between rapids‭, ‬you'll have the chance to kick back and take in the jaw-dropping views of the Collegiate Peaks‭, ‬a chain of 14,000-foot mountains looming to the west‭.‬ ‭ ‬Browns Canyon runs through a proposed National Monument‭, ‬so don't forget to keep an eye out for local bird life and other wildlife‭!‬

$130.80 Water Sports

Numbers and Narrows Whitewater Rafting

After an extensive safety talk by both your trip leader and your guide you will put in the Arkansas River one mile south of AVA's Granite Outpost. This whitewater rafting trip starts out fast. The first rapid of the day (Number 1) comes up in the first mile. Once you've started into this rapid it's non-stop until the top of Number 4. Here is a well-deserved break from the upper rapids which you'll need as we're about to embark on the meat of the order. Rapids four and five can be formidable and take a solid team effort to run clean. Four is a long continuous rapid with a must make move at its center.  Below this move the whitewater continues and depending on flows can butt right up to number 5. Number 5 has different challenges. The river current here pushes hard right into the large boulders on the bank. The boat must punch holes at the top, work right through the dog leg and then about face and run back left from the boulders on the banks. With the current pushing right this can be a tricky rapid. Once you've completed the Numbers we'll pull the boats over and have a riverside Chicken Fajita lunch prepared by your guides. After a delicious hot meal will get back on the river for the Narrows section. This is a beautiful technical stretch that everyone will enjoy. The gradient here is less and allows the crew to take in some of the amazing scenery of the Arkansas River Valley. The Numbers rafting offers narrow channels, steep drops, and technical maneuverings as you travel through boulder-strewn canyons and gorgeous valleys, makes this rafting trip one to remember! With the snowcapped mountains of the Collegiate Peaks in the distance, the area’s picturesque views are sure to blow you away.

$100.36 Water Sports

Stand Up Paddle Board Half Day Excursion

This section of the Upper Colorado River - through Little Gore Canyon - is the perfect spot to try this adventure. The gentle Class II riffles and flat water create a good learning environment with the option for additional challenges if you're up for it!  There are a couple more adventurous Class II-III sections as well so it's a great way to up the excitement a bit on our Upper Colorado Scenic Float.  Have smaller kids or less adventurous ones? They can ride in a raft while you SUP along.  A Stand Up Paddleboard trip perfect for groups or families who want different levels of adventure.  Also consider our inflatable kayak trips in this section.  On these Upper Colorado Scenic Float trips, our rafts, inflatable kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboarders all go together, so it's an easy way to mix it up for your group. 

$117.23 Water Sports

Upper Colorado Full Day Scenic Float

You’ll meet for our Upper Colorado Full Day trip from the quiet town of Kremmling and quickly immerse yourself in all that the Colorado wilderness has to offer you! Let your cares slowly melt by the wayside on this delightful full day adventure. Explore the breathtaking Colorado scenery or just kick your feet up during our lunch break on the river. Listen as your guide provides fascinating history and stories about the surrounding area and points out the historic mining cabins scattered along the riverside. Look for the natural hot spring nestled along the river’s bank and keep an eye out for the many birds and animals that are abundant in the area.  The occasional passenger train will rumble by as sunbathe, slip into the river for a quick swim, or just relax on the raft.  A great way to see Colorado or try out rafting for the first time, the Upper Colorado Full Day Float is also the perfect way to while away the day and enjoy some time with friends or family.  At the end of your trip, head up to Hot Sulphur Springs for a soak, head north to explore Steamboat Springs, or head south to Breckenridge for a range of fun, outdoor activities.

$207.26 Water Sports

Numbers Half Day plus Cliffside Zipline

Have an action-packed day with two of Colorado’s favorite summer mountain activities! Start your morning off with the notorious section of the Arkansas River known as The Numbers. The Numbers rafting offers narrow channels, steep drops, and technical maneuverings as you travel through boulder-strewn canyons and gorgeous valleys, makes this rafting trip one to remember! With the snowcapped mountains of the Collegiate Peaks in the distance, the area’s picturesque views are sure to blow you away. This section of the Arkansas River got its name in the late 1800s by local miners who viewed the rapids as non-navigable landmarks. They were so intimidated that they just numbered the rapids instead of naming them. If you are an experienced rafter looking to take it to the next level or an adventurous beginner up for a new challenge, the Numbers rafting trips are for you! The Numbers have been described as a quintessential Class III-V river rafting trip. It’s Arkansas River white water rafting at its finest. It is famous for its non-stop white water action and steep drops that will give you a great adrenaline rush to start your day.Once you’re thoroughly drenched we’ll take a short break for lunch before speeding through the trees on a zipline tour. You’ll stop for a delicious lunch to refuel and rest on the river/at the outpost before you launch into the pulse pounding zipline tour which will take you high above the ground and sail you through the air at speeds of up to 30 mph.Our zip line tours carry you through densely wooded areas and by massive rocky mountain faces that litter our expansive Gold Camp property as you zip from cliff to cliff, you will be amazed at how beautiful the snow-capped mountain peaks and Arkansas River are from your very own aerial view.