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It's hard to slap a single characterization onto Oregon's geography and people. Its landscape ranges from rugged coastline and thick evergreen forests to barren, fossil-strewn deserts, volcanoes and glaciers. As for its denizens, you name it – Oregonians run the gamut from pro-logging conservatives to tree-hugging liberals, and everything in between. What they have in common is an independent spirit, a love of the... Read More

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National Parks of the Northwest US

Imagine a two-week breath of fresh air and you've pretty well summed up this 15-day tour of some of the greatest American national parks there are. With big city fun in buzzing Seattle and funky Portland, unique and quirky small towns like Wallace and Jackson, and all the stunning western grandeur your eyes can soak in, this trip has it all. Combining hiking in parks big and small, sipping craft brews, savouring artisanal donuts, dipping your toes in the Pacific Ocean, and relaxing in cowboy bars, this whirlwind trip is the answer for anyone looking for a true adventure away from home.

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Algonquin Park Wildlife Safari 4-Day Canoe Trip

This beginner-friendly wilderness safari begins with a guided presentation on Algonquin Park wildlife. You will spend three days paddling the North Tea Lake while sipping Algonquin Tea Company organic teas. While paddling in the morning mist, learn about Algonquin Park's most famous residents: the moose. Moose sightings are highly likely as you paddle through their natural habitat.

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Algonquin Park Adventure Lodge 3- or 4-Day Trip

Over three or four days, explore Algonquin Park in a variety of guided adventures – ending each day under feather duvet listening to loons call out on the lake.

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3-Day Beaver Tour in Algonquin Park

Short on time but need some adventure in your life? This 3-day beaver tour couldn’t be more perfect for you and your friends. Spending your days and nights in Algonquin Park is the ideal way to relax, explore nature and get your adrenaline really flowing! This is the real Canadian experience. Hike beautiful trails, swim, canoe, watch out for the abundant wildlife, eat fantastic BBQs and share stories around a camp fire under the stars.

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3-Day Grotto Tour to Bruce Peninsula

A feast for the senses, “The Bruce” is definitely one of the most stunning locations in all of Ontario (and there's plenty to choose from). On this 3-day Grotto adventure, check out shipwrecks on a glass bottom cruise, and swim through the underwater tunnel to the “grotto”. You'll explore the caves, canoe and kayak on turquoise waters, hike the famous Bruce Trail and connect with the abundant wildlife in a National Park. Speed things up with a jet boat ride, BBQ lakeside and get those toes aired out on a sandy beach. You’ll find it hard to believe that this is all just a few short hours from Toronto.

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9-Day Eastern Canada Tour

This tour is perfect for anyone visiting Eastern Canada who wants to experience all they can whilst on a modest time budget. Travel over 3000 km round trip from Toronto, visiting Montreal, Quebec City, Mont Tremblant, Fort Coulonge and the great nation’s capital city, Ottawa! Raft down the white waters of the famous Ottawa River, get up close and personal with Canadian wildlife at Parc Omega, and take a cruise through the iconic Thousand Islands. You'll also hike through National parks, learn all about the history of the beautiful cities, swim in a clear lake and so much more.