Maryhill Museum of Art

Top choice in Columbia River Gorge

If you've ever wondered about that expression, 'What in Sam Hill?,' here's your answer: this museum in a hilltop mansion was founded by Sam Hill (1857–1931), one of the great innovators in Northwest history. An exhibit in the museum's permanent collection tells his story. The collection also includes sculpture and drawings by Auguste Rodin, art-nouveau glass, and various American and European paintings.

Spectacularly located on a bluff above the Columbia, this old mansion also boasts a seal intestine parka and carved walrus tusks, a large and amazing collection of chess sets, and a variety of French fashion mannequins. Outside are garden sculptures and picnic tables with fine views. There's also a cafe on the premises.

The museum is in Washington, just across the Columbia; cross The Dalles bridge and head west for 3 miles.

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