Must-see attractions in Staten Island

  • Historic Richmond Town

    Staten Island

    In the center of Staten Island, this settlement of more than 30 buildings is frozen in amber, part of a 100-acre preservation project maintained by the…

  • Alice Austen House, Staten Island, NY.

    Alice Austen House

    Staten Island

    The former home of maverick photographer Alice Austen (1866–1952) stands in a serene, shore-side spot, a 2.4-mile bus ride south from the ferry pier. The…

  • Lenny's Creations

    Staten Island

    A one-off among Staten Island's many scrap-metal yards, visionary metalsmith Lenny Prince shapes old car parts into sculptures of Transformers, Chinese…

  • Staten Island Museum

    Staten Island

    An all-rounder of a museum, catering to dinosaur-hungry school groups as much as tourists looking for historical details on Staten Island. Set inside an…

  • Sri Lankan Arts & Cultural Museum

    Staten Island

    Art and artefacts from Sri Lanka are assembled inside the first Sri Lankan museum outside of the country. It was founded by Julia Wijesinghe, daughter of…