Grant's Tomb, Riverside Drive at West 122nd Street, Morningside Heights.

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General Ulysses S Grant National Memorial

Harlem & Upper Manhattan

Popularly known as Grant’s Tomb (‘Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?’ ‘Who?’ ‘Grant, stupid!’ goes a classic joke), this landmark holds the remains of Civil War hero and 18th president Ulysses S Grant and his wife, Julia. Completed in 1897 – 12 years after his death – the imposing granite structure is the largest mausoleum in America. A gallery covers key events in Grant's life. Rangers lead guided tours at various times throughout the day and answer questions about the general and statesman.

Seventeen Gaudí-inspired mosaic benches, designed by Chilean artist Pedro Silva in the 1970s, surround the mausoleum. It’s a downright hallucinatory installation – and a good spot to contemplate the musings of the late, great comedian George Carlin, who was known to light up here back in the day.

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