Canaan Baptist Church

Harlem & Upper Manhattan

A modern Harlem church, founded in 1932, that welcomes visitors to Sunday services.

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1. Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market

0.17 MILES

This semi-enclosed market is a little slice of West Africa in Harlem. You'll find leather goods, wood carvings, textiles, woven baskets, oils, drums,…

2. Blockhouse

0.37 MILES

The oldest building in Central Park, the Blockhouse is a military fortification from the War of 1812. It's located in the North Woods, on the west side of…

3. Studio Museum in Harlem

0.45 MILES

This small cultural gem has been exhibiting the works of African American artists for more than four decades. While its rotating exhibition program is…

4. Apollo Theater

0.51 MILES

The Apollo is an intrinsic part of Harlem history and culture. A leading space for concerts and political rallies since 1914, its venerable stage hosted…

5. Cathedral Church of St John the Divine

0.58 MILES

New York’s most impressive house of worship is a towering monument that looks like it's straight out of medieval Europe. Built in a mix of styles – with…

6. Conservatory Garden

0.62 MILES

For a little peace and quiet (as in no runners, cyclists or singing buskers), visit this 6-acre, formal garden – one of the park's official quiet zones…

7. El Museo del Barrio

0.66 MILES

Bienvenido to one of New York’s premier Latino cultural institutions, with thoughtful rotating exhibitions that span all media, from painting and…

8. National Jazz Museum

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This small, Smithsonian-affiliated museum is a passionate love letter to the golden era of jazz in Harlem. From the 1930s to 1960s, the neighborhood was a…