Gooch's Beach

Besides boasting an excellent name, Gooch Beach tends to have relatively lighter crowds in summer (relatively) and boasts wide, sandy areas that are perfect for those who are a little tired of the usual 'rocks and cliffs' aesthetic of the Maine coast.

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1. Colony Beach

0.37 MILES

Kennebunkport proper has only one stretch of sand, the small Colony Beach on Ocean Ave, which is dominated by the Colony Hotel.

2. Maine Art Hill

0.89 MILES

This complex of galleries and studios, noticeable thanks to its outside rotating wind sculptures, attracts crowds of art lovers and those who just want a…

3. Kennebunk Beach

1.06 MILES

Beach Ave and Sea Rd (west of Kennebunk River and then south of the Lower Village) lead to three good public beaches: Middle Beach, Mother's Beach and our…

4. First Families Kennebunkport Museum

1.09 MILES

This place goes by various names (including 'White Columns,' the name of the stately 1850s home at this address), but most people know it as the 'Bush…

5. Walker's Point

1.13 MILES

Most visitors to Kennebunkport want to check out Walker's Point, the summer compound of the Bush family. To view the estate, which sits on a small…

6. Madelyn Marx Preserve

1.85 MILES

This 24-acre nature preserve protects a gorgeous sweep of local salt marsh ecosystem, cut through with flat forest trails that are perfect for a leisurely…