Battleship Cove

South Shore

‘You sank my battleship!’ This cry was ne’er heard aboard the mighty USS Massachusetts, a hulk of a craft that survived 35 battles in WWII, gunning down almost 40 aircraft and never losing a man in combat. Today, this heroic vessel sits in a quiet corner of Mt Hope Bay. This beaut – longer than two football fields and taller than a nine-story building – is one of eight historic ships that visitors can explore at Battleship Cove.

The USS Joseph P Kennedy Jr, named for President John F Kennedy’s older brother, did battle in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and is now a museum. The USS Lionfish is a WWII submarine still in full working condition. The Soviet-built Hiddensee is a fast attack craft that was obtained from Germany after the communist collapse. There are also two Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats, as well as some exhibits highlighting the personal stories of the sailors who served on the USS Massachusetts.

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