Dog Mountain

Top choice in Northern Vermont

Signposted 2 miles east of St Johnsbury, this captivating spot celebrates the legacy of Vermont artist Stephen Huneck. There's an entire gallery devoted to Huneck's whimsical dog-themed artwork, but the real showstopper is the adjacent chapel, designed by Huneck to celebrate the enduring bond between humans and animals. Huneck's own contributions (a doggie weathervane, canine-themed doorknobs and stained-glass windows) are complemented by scores of photos and heartfelt notes plastered on the chapel's walls by visitors commemorating their own lost pets.

At least twice a year, Dog Mountain hosts its popular Dog Parties, where dogs are invited in for free dog biscuits, swimming, fun with Frisbees and good-natured canine competitions. Humans will appreciate the live music and superb views over the mountains of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. See for details.

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