Heaven Hill


The largest producer in Kentucky, Heaven Hill makes Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Larceny. There are two ways to immerse in the scene. The Mashbill Tour ($10, 60 minutes) visits the aging warehouse and tasting room inside a giant barrel for three samples; note you won't see bourbon actually being distilled, as is common at other Bourbon Trail sites. The other option is the Whiskey Connoisseur Experience ($20, 45 minutes), which is a tasting only and covers four premium bourbons.

It all begins at the Bourbon Heritage Center, home to a gift shop and displays on bourbon history. The building is partially under renovation until 2020, when it will emerge with expanded interactive exhibits and a rooftop bar.

Mashbill Tours depart on the hour with last one at 4pm (2pm Sunday). Connoisseur Experiences take place on half hour with the last one at 4:30pm (2:30pm Sunday).

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